ingame: DW′s new eSports show | eSports - The world of competitive gaming | DW | 23.06.2016
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ingame: DW's new eSports show

League of Legends, FIFA, Dota 2, CS:GO and many more. You can learn here what is behind the format for DW's new eSports program.

The figures alone are impressive: 1.7 billion people play computer or console games worldwide. More than 50 million dollars (43 million euros) in prize money will be paid each year at eSports events. The eSports calendar now has around 2700 planned events. And the average time spent by users daily on the eSports streaming website Twitch is 106 minutes. By comparison: The social media giant Facebook is only at 42 minutes. There are figures that illustrate: eSports has become a mass phenomenon.

Pulse at 180

What once timidly began with the first arcade games back in the 1970s has now become a multi-million dollar industry - and a genuine competitive sport, as substantiated by academics. Ordinary people may think that eSports is sitting in comfortable chairs, hammering a bit on the mouse and keyboard. Not even close. Highly-complex moves demand a lot tactical understanding, teamwork and especially rapid responsiveness which makes eSports a real challenge. Even physically: heart rate of 160-180 beats per minute are not uncommon in the competition.

eSports have become a real phenomenon; not always simple to understand, but definitely enthralling and intoxicating. Still don't believe us? Then, we recommend our new Youtube show ingame which brings you the special atmosphere of great eSports tournaments, with a mixture of match coverage, interviews, background information and plenty of atmosphere.

Young, successful and rich through eSports

ingame rubs shoulders with the stars of the sport, the young gamers who sometimes earn close to 20 million in prize money, using their extraordinary skills with the mouse and keyboard. But ingame also looks at critical issues such as doping, commercialization, manipulation, reports and up-to-date news on eSports.