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DW Fact Checking-Team | Ines Eisele
Image: Kenneth C. Mcginley

Ines Eisele

Member of DW's fact-checking team, author for text and video, Channel Manager for DW's German website.

For DW's fact-checking team, Ines is on a mission against fake news and for more media literacy. Ines' focus is on social issues such as migration and reproductive rights, and regionally on Brazil.

Ines has been working for Deutsche Welle since 2017, after doing a traineeship with the organization. Ines studied German and Portuguese language and literature in Cologne as well as journalism in Leipzig. She has worked for the migrant news site Infomigrants, WDR and the independent fact-checking platform Stimmtdas.org, among others. Within DW, she has also worked for the Online News and Social Media teams.

For DW's fact-checking team, Ines tracks down and verifies disinformation and fake news — whether dubious statements by politicians, manipulated images or conspiracy myths.

As a writer for Content Hub, Ines also produces texts and videos on other topics. A particular focus of her work is on Brazil, where she has spent time. In her job as Channel Manager, she is responsible for the quality as well as the selection of topics on the website, DW's digital flagship.

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