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How shame translates into discomforting works of art

Petra Lambeck sh
March 6, 2017

It's a powerful human emotion, one we all feel but would prefer to avoid. Many artists have a lot to express when it comes to this topic. A current exhibition in Herford tests the boundaries of shame.

"The inner Skin – Art and Shame" John Isaacs
Image: John Isaacs/Lea Gryze

Who isn’t familiar with the awful feeling of sinking in shame? Shame is one of the most basic human emotions. It can also manifest itself in a variety of ways, as shown in a new exhibition, "The Inner Skin - Art and Shame," now on show at the Marta museum in Herford until June 4, 2017.

The exhibition presents a variety of works, including paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, video installations and performances that deal with the topic of shame. Click through the gallery above to discover some of these "embarrassing" works of art.

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