How peanut shredders changed this Mozambican′s life | Africa | DW | 13.08.2021

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How peanut shredders changed this Mozambican's life

Mozambican Almeida Jorge sells up to six machines to grind peanuts and coconuts per day. He invented the equipment but confesses that he was inspired by a similar machine made in China. Today, his invention is a success on the outskirts of Maputo.

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Almeida Jorge has been dealing with machines since he was a child. In 2017, he had an idea that changed his life. The 25-year-old Mozambican invented a machine. The equipment grinds groundnuts and coconuts.The machine is based on a similar one from China. The workshop is in his house on the outskirts of Maputo. His team sets up three to six machines a day. Jorge says he sells all the machinery he produces. Success stimulates Jorge's creativity. He wants to create machines to grind other products.