How much water should we drink? | Healthy Living | DW | 01.05.2017
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Healthy Living

How much water should we drink?

One, two or three liters per day? There’s often confusion over the amount of liquid we should drink. A lot of people have a diminished sensation of thirst. There are clear recommendations, however.

For years there has been a debate over how much water intake per day is healthy. What is certain is that fluid depletion can lead to symptoms in the body and mind. But at what point is that intake really too low? And is it possible to drink too much? According to Silke Restemeyer from Germany’s DGE advisory association, the absolute lower limit is one liter per day. In general, experts say that an adult should drink one and a half liters over the course of the day. Drinking the recommended amount in one go is dangerous, because the sodium level in the blood could plummet temporarily. Those who exercise and/or have physically demanding jobs can, however, drink a little more.