How 5 European stars first earned a living before they became famous | High Five | DW | 15.01.2016
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High Five

How 5 European stars first earned a living before they became famous

Before achieving fame, many celebrities worked in odd jobs. Before her hit single "99 Red Balloon," German pop star Nena thought she'd be making jewelry for the rest of her life.

Only very few stars have been born as stars. Most celebrities now standing in the limelight once had a tough time to make ends meet and worked numerous odd jobs.

From milkman to millionaire

Ozzy Osbourne took on a variety of odd jobs before finally settling down as a shock rocker. Singer Tom Jones and actor Sean Connery also bounced around a bit before discovering their callings. Connery grew up in humble circumstances, born in Edinburgh as the son of a cleaning lady and factory worker. He would later go on to become one of the world's most successful actors and earn the title "Sexiest Man of the Century" - not to mention being knighted by the Queen.

At the age of 13, Connery left school to earn money to support his family. He started of as a milkman, then worked with the Royal Navy, drove an excavator and a horse-drawn carriage, and held jobs as a printer and furniture polisher. He even earned a bit of money lifting weights.

Selling fast food today, tomorrow a superstar

It's often difficult to verify the rumours about celebrities' modest beginnings. After all, heartbreaking rags-to-riches stories have a good chance of becoming bestsellers. It's quite tempting for biographers to add some unusual jobs to the list - or to ignore less noble activities. And yet, it is true that many stars, like Sean Connery, once started out at the very bottom before landing their first coup in a Hollywood blockbuster.

We present five celebrities whose original professions are hard to guess. Next time you order a burger in a fast-food-chain, watch out for potential future stars among the servers.

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The first jobs the stars had

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