Houston Astros win their first-ever championship in baseball′s World Series | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 02.11.2017
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Houston Astros win their first-ever championship in baseball's World Series

The Houston Astros have won the first World Series in their franchise's history by beating the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1. George Springer hit another home run and was named the Most Valuable Player for the series.

The Houston Astros rocketed to the top of the baseball atmosphere on Wednesday after the franchise secured its first World Series win in its 55-year history. The Texas team soared past the Los Angeles Dodgers to win 5-1 in Game 7 of the showdown, ending the key annual event involving baseball teams from Canada and the US.

Astros center fielder George Springer was named the Most Valuable Player of the World Series. He became the first player ever to hit five home runs in the World Series, the last of which came in the second inning and set the pace for the rest of the game.

Houston Astros v Los Angeles Dodgers (picture-alliance/USA Today Sports/J. Kamin-Oncea)

Astros' George Springer (R) celebrates after hitting a two-run home run

"We're coming home a champion, Houston," said Springer after accepting the award named after the legendary center fielder Willie Mays.

The win was a welcome spot of joy for the Texas city, which is still reeling from the ravages of Hurricane Harvey in August.

"We did this for them," Astros second baseman Jose Altuve said of the team's fans in Houston.

'It's supposed to hurt'

The Dodgers offense appeared troubled in the showdown with the Astros, mustering just six hints and stranding 10 runners on base.

"Like I told the guys, when you put everything, every ounce of your being into something and you come up short, it hurts," manager Dave Roberts said, "and it's supposed to hurt."

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The brunt of the blame for the Dodgers poor performance fell on pitcher Yu Darvish, who gave up 5 runs in the first two innings.

The LA-based team last won the World Series in 1988. Last year, they were eliminated by the Chicago Cubs in the final stages of the competition, with the Cubs going on to win the 2016 title against Cleveland Indians.

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