Hits in Germany: The latest from Germany′s Top 100 | Soundscape 100 | DW | 31.03.2009
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Soundscape 100

Hits in Germany: The latest from Germany's Top 100

From candy pop to R 'n' B, indie rock to disco punk, nu-jazz to gangsta rap...Germany's Top 100 has it all...and every week, so do we!

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Kraftwerk blazed a trail for electronic music, Nena and her 99 Red Balloons did a lot for pop and the lovely Lena stamped the German flag on Eurovision...but Germany has more strings to its musical bow than that and the breadth of music being produced right here and the varying tastes of the record-buying public can be seen every week in the breathtaking diversity of the German Top 100.

Hits in Germany is the place to be each week for a sample of just who's rocking the airwaves and iPods of the country's music fans. A half-hour look at which German artists are making waves as well as the latest international sounds burning up the dancefloors in clubs around Germany. Alongside stacks of new music we'll also feature interviews with the musicians, DJs and producers behind the tracks, present some of Germany's up-and-coming talent and take the occasional nostalgic look back at who was riding high in the Top 100 in past decades.

We'll also be inviting musicians from or working in Germany to the studio for a chat and some exclusive live performances in our Hits in Germany Sessions series.

Girl groups to ghetto punk, psychedelic rock to big beat, breaks to eurodance...it’s all here every week on Hits in Germany.

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