Hillary Clinton discharged from hospital | News | DW | 02.01.2013
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Hillary Clinton discharged from hospital

Hillary Clinton has been discharged from hospital following treatment for a blood clot. She was admitted on Sunday after doctors discovered the clot in her head.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, 65, was discharged from the New York-Presbyterian Hospital on Wednesday after being treated for a blood clot in a vein behind her right ear, a State Department spokesman said.

She had been receiving treatment over the past three days for the clot between her brain and her skull.

Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines said her doctors are confident she will make a full recovery.

"She's eager to get back to the office, and we will keep you updated on her schedule as it becomes clearer in the coming days," Reines said.

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Hillary Clinton released from hospital

Clinton had suffered a fall in early December while weak from a stomach virus. This resulted in a concussion, and the blood clot was found during a follow-up examination.

There had been signs of Clinton's health improving, with reports of her calling in and tending to work from her hospital bed.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said earlier Wednesday that Clinton had been in touch with her staff this week.

The top diplomat and former first lady is expected to step down as secretary of state when her successor, Senator John Kerry, is confirmed by the Senate.

tm, hc/ccp (AFP, AP, Reuters)

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