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5 unusual party locations

Antje Binder ad
September 11, 2018

Dancing in a disco, boozing in a bar? How boring! Nowadays, partygoers aren't satisfied with just any old party at your standard locale. They want to celebrate whenever they want, wherever they want!

Teledisko in Berlin
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/G. Fischer

The very best parties are the ones that catch you by surprise. Take, for instance, your morning commute turning into a disco.

A few months ago, these so-called pre-work parties spread from London to the European continent. The idea seems to be that coffee, a croissant and a dance will make people more enthusiastic about their work.

In Sweden, similar celebrations also take place during lunch breaks. People have lunch and join the dance floor for a total of 60 minutes. It's believed that exercise and distraction will keep them awake after they have returned to their desks.

Daily instead of exclusively

Obviously, event managers do everything they can to outdo each other, not only in terms of the timing of parties, but also the choice of locations. Some go for extraordinarily exclusive places that people cannot visit under normal circumstances. Other event managers are trying out precisely the opposite — picking normal, boring locations, like telephone booths.

A Berlin organizer turned some of these relics of the pre-mobile era into the world's smallest party location. All you need to do in a "teledisco" is press a button, and you'll get fog machines, strobe lights and disco balls. Where else can you take part in such an unconventional party? Check out our High Five ranking for five unusual party locales.