High Five: 5 unexpected materials used to build furniture | High Five | DW | 24.04.2018
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High Five

High Five: 5 unexpected materials used to build furniture

Wood or plastic are simply too boring for some furniture designers; they prefer to experiment with alternative materials instead.

They look like graphic designs from the computer but are actually chairs. The Czech furniture designer Jan Plechac reproduces classic pieces with wire. Experimenting with an unusual material in furniture making, he aims to connect classic design with the present.

Reduced design classics

His "Icons" series reproduces for instance Josef Hoffmann's Kubus armchair from 1910 or a Louis XVI chair from the 18th century. He traced their outlines and then welded solid wire to form a robust steel construction.

The pieces have won design awards and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

However, we don't know how comfortable these chairs are...

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