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Here’s what you do to live more sustainably!

February 11, 2022

The climate crisis and pollution of the oceans have motivated lots of us to live in a more environmentally conscious way. Some people have given up driving a car, eating meat or are trying to produce less trash.

DW Euromaxx Zuschaueraktion Nachhaltigkeit

Crocheting for the oceans is an initiative of artists Margaret and Christine Wertheim. They called for fellow crocheters to join them in creating a collective artwork. More than 4000 people from Germany and beyond joined in with the project. The artists assembled thousands of little corals to form a giant reef. It’s currently on display at the Frieder Burda Museum in Baden-Baden, Germany. For each crocheted entry, a donation was made to a project dedicated to protecting the world’s oceans.

Lots of you wrote in this week to tell us what you do to live more sustainably. A big thank you to everyone who took part!

We’re giving away an exclusive DW rucksack filled with goodies to one participant. And the lucky winner is Kelvin Campos from Ireland.

He wrote to us: "I think it is important that we pay attention to every detail in our daily routine so we can analyze what we can do to decrease waste, how to recycle, and how to be more environmentally friendly.

Now, I go shopping in stores where I can buy fruits and Grains and the product is not wrapped up with plastic or cardboard. I avoid bringing more trash home and avoid unnecessary plastic.I have decreased my consumption of meat and I am on the way to becoming vegetarian."