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Henrik Böhme

Business editor with a focus on economics, international trade, cars and finance

Business is Henrik's passion. For him, it's all about the connections, relationships, power, influence, and who really pulls the strings.

Henrik Böhme knows his ways around two different economic systems. He survived East Germany's centrally planned economy and, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, tried to make sense of the market economy. Helpful in this endeavour was his reporting on the Treuhandanstalt (privatization agency) of the recently united Germany. Its job was to privatize the GDR's collapsed socialist economy. Henrik remembers his stories at the time as daily lectures about economic mechanisms and correlations. Since then he has covered the world financial crisis, the Volkswagen emissions scandel or "Dieselgate" and the downfall of Deutsche Bank - fascinating stories that continue to dominate the headlines and his reporting for DW. 

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