Hello Shanghai - EXPO 2010 | Made in Germany | DW | 23.07.2010
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Made in Germany

Hello Shanghai - EXPO 2010

Expo 2010 opened in Shanghai on May 1, 2010. MADE IN GERMANY takes a look at the mammoth project. In our four-part series, we take our viewers along to Shanghai and provide fascinating glimpses behind the scenes.



Part 1: The mammoth project begins

Expo 2010 opens in Shanghai on May 1, 2010. The city fits the motto well: “Better City, Better Life”. How will cities have to develop in the future to deal with global growth? There is still much to be done in Shanghai before the Expo opens.

Made in Germany 13.04.2010 Expo

Some ideas have run into problems regarding their technical feasibility, while the city of 20 million has itself posed some logistical challenges. MADE IN GERMANY takes a look at the mammoth project. In our four-part series, we take our viewers along to Shanghai and provide fascinating glimpses behind the scenes of Expo 2010. Our reporters Dagmar Zindel and Mabel Gundlach plunge into the bustling city beyond the brand-new Expo pavilions. Join us for a look at everyday life in the Chinese metropolis. Our series begins this week. MADE IN GERMANY shows the feverish preparations for Expo 2010.


Part 2: The German Pavillon takes shape

Nearly 6000 square meters of space have been reserved for the German Pavilion at the Expo grounds in Shanghai. The builders are working flat out to complete everything in time. A huge ball fitted with 30,000 LEDs is delivered to the grounds - a massive undertaking in itself. But the high-tech apparatus can't be installed immediately, a test-run is still needed and once again there are delays.

20.04.2010 DW-TV Made in Germany Expo

The outer facade of the building is at least making progress. The white textile covering designed to envelop the building is finally in place - much to the relief of architect Lennart Wiechell. We also meet 23-year-old Wang Ziran, who's really excited about the Expo - partly because her home city Shanghai stands to benefit - the theme of the Exposition is after all "Better City, Better Life". But also because she'll be earning from the Expo personally. She applied to be a hostess in the German Pavilion. Her application was successful and now she's getting ready to start the training. Dagmar Zindel and Mabel Gundlach met up with her.


Part 3: Make or Break in Shanghai

Construction of the German Pavilion is almost complete: It won't belong before it's attracting some 40,000 visitors a day. The centrepiece of the pavilion is a globe set into motion by the noise created by visitors.


But it's giving the organisers a bit of a headache: Will it be ready to work by the time the Pavilion opens? Meanwhile, Germany Pavilion chef Gerhard Obermayr has other problems on his mind - he has to produce 4000 meals a day.


Part 4: The Starting Shot in Shanghai

100,000 fireworks and disciplined jubilation: the Chinese are staging a spectacle to open EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. Suspense is growing at the German pavilion. The first days of the exposition will truly test the mettle of the organizers and staff.

04.05.2010 made in germany expo teil 4

The visitors are curious. Hostess Wang Ziran has to answer countless questions about Germany. And the restaurant will be working at its limit as well: pork knuckle and dumplings are very popular. And the huge interactive sphere? It’s turning!

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