Guyana′s revolutionary green plan | Global Ideas | DW | 28.09.2010
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Global Ideas

Guyana's revolutionary green plan

Guyana plans to get nations to recognize the financial value of forests in order to protect its own.


Project goal: Placing a financial value on rainforests and paying for their upkeep as providers of vital services
Climate goal: Preserving the rainforest which stores vast amounts of carbon
Project scale: Some 170,000 square kilometers of rainforest
Project investment: 600,000 Euros ( $800,000) to evaluate the forests' carbon storage potential

Deforestation is rampant in many countries with rainforests being cleared for industry and agriculture and the mining of natural resources. Guyana is trying a different approach thanks to the government's Low Carbon Development Strategy. It's a revolutionary scheme, which aims to transform Guyana's economy while combating climate change. The plan is to have the international community recognize the financial value of the rainforests and pay compensation for their conservation. The UN has yet to approve it.

A film by Christoph Kober

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Guyana's revolutionary green plan

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