A movie star′s sunset years | Global Ideas | DW | 12.05.2016
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Global Ideas

A movie star's sunset years

A former movie star found the perfect retirement home this week, and he will spend the rest of his days among friends.

Deutschland BdT Ara Papagei Douglas im Zoo Karlsruhe

Douglas the macaw lived the "glitzy life" of an animal movie star when he was young. He was famous for playing the the role of "Rosalinde" in the film version of Astrid Lindgren's kid's book "Pippi in Taka-Tuka-Land" (1970). Having hit the ripe old age of 49, the parrot was in danger of being put to sleep at his home zoo of Malmö, Sweden. But, when zoo director Frank Madsen asked for help in finding a retirement home for the aged bird, hundreds of offers appeared on his desk. The German zoo of Karlsruhe won the race. Together with his new companion Gojan, Douglas will live out his remaining time. This week he was presented to the public, and it's said that he's doing fine, talking Swedish and that he has the munchies for bananas.