Get to know Jan | Jan Bruck | Life Links | DW | 14.10.2014
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Jan Bruck

Get to know Jan

Find out how a disgruntled magazine editor and the movie "Mars Attacks!" sent Jan on his way to becoming a journalist.

It all started in 7th grade when I was interning with a TV guide magazine (yes, people still read those back then). My first weeks were spent being "creative" in the horoscope section. Then finally, I got a shot at my first film review of the movie "Mars Attacks!" (still one of my favourites). However, one of the editors told me: "You might want to leave that to an actual journalist." Challenge accepted.

After going to university in Cologne, Seattle and London and schlepping my backpack around the world, I started working as a multimedia journalist. The best part about the job is getting to meet the craziest people, from the Korean superstar League of Legends-Gamer to the eccentric Berlin art collector living in a bunker. So, thank you dear TV magazine editor, I'm loving every minute of it.

What does happiness mean to you?

The song "Happiness" by Alexis Jordan.

What does tolerance mean to you personally?

Tolerance is second best. Acceptance is best.

Strange bathroom habits, talking on the phone too loudly, checking Facebook while people are talking to you - they can all be hard to accept. But the acceptance of different religious views, identities, sexual orientations, ethnicities - that's what everyone single one of us deserves.

Does life get easier the older you get?

Isn't that a question you normally ask ageing Hollywood actresses?! No it doesn't get easier, you just become more relaxed about things I guess. And you learn to appreciate weird tastes like smelly cheese and oysters.

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