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Emmy for 'Generation War'

November 25, 2014

The controversial German television production "Generation War" has won an International Emmy in the mini-series category. The prestigious award was presented Monday evening in New York.

Three-part TV series Generation War wins International Emmy Award, Copyright: REUTERS/Andrew Kelly
Image: Reuters/A. Kelly

The three-part series was up against productions from Brazil, Japan and Great Britain.

The drama, whose original German title translates to "Our Mothers, Our Fathers," depicts the diverging paths of five friends during World War II. Despite the controversy stirred up by the series' interpretation of Germany's Nazi past, "Generation War" has won several prizes throughout the world. The International Emmy is the latest and most prestigious addition to these accolades.

Over 7 million Germans tuned in to the series when it first aired on Germany's public television ZDF last year. It was also broadcast internationally.

Generation War actors Wilhelm Winter und Tom Schilling, Copyright: dpa - Bildfunk
The series stirred up a controversy for its interpretation of Germany's Nazi pastImage: picture-alliance/dpa/Jens Wolf

Lead actor Tom Schilling appeared surprised by the award. "German television isn't that bad after all," he said on a German talk show.

For him, the whole controversy surrounding the program makes it even more interesting to watch, as viewers will want to discuss and argue about it.

eg/kbm (epd, dpa, AP)

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