German Store Sells Coats With Free Flights | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 26.09.2005
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German Store Sells Coats With Free Flights

The troubled German department store chain KarstadtQuelle began giving away free flights to New York with the purchase of a special edition winter coat on Monday in a bid to revive sales. The store, which is in the midst of a drastic restructuring after narrowly escaping bankruptcy last year, is offering a voucher for the return flights with each "New York City" men's or women's puffer jacket priced 200 euros ($240). "We expect to have sold 4,000 jackets by this evening," said KarstadtQuelle spokesman Jörg Howe. The flights are available with a total of 20,000 jackets. KarstadtQuelle was warning customers that they must pay airport taxes and other costs totaling around 150 euros in order to take the flights, which are organized in conjunction with the New York City tourist authorities. The offer has sparked copycat offers from rival German shops. A supermarket chain was on Monday offering flights for one euro cent with the purchase of selected electronic goods. KarstadtQuelle's reorganization includes the sale of under-performing department stores in a bid to return to profit.

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