German soccer fans protest management proposals | News | DW | 08.12.2012
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German soccer fans protest management proposals

German soccer fans have protested against the development of new stadium security rules by taking to the streets on Saturday.

Thousands of German soccer fans marched in Berlin, Augsburg and other cities across the country.

Proposals for stricter security at soccer games include frisking matchgoers at high-risk games, strengthening enforcement of already banned flares, and tougher punishments for fans breaking the rules.

Fans are concerned that officials also want to eliminate the German football culture of standing to watch matches by introducing all-seater stadiums.

The protests, named 12/12, is in reference to the league management's deciding meeting on December 12. Beginning last week, fans have planned to remain silent for 12 minutes 12 seconds in three rounds of games.

jlw/mkg (SID, dpa)