German Pop - Gentleman | Music | DW | 22.01.2014
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German Pop - Gentleman

2014 is set to be his year, bringing a new album and a new sound. And while Gentleman has already conquered German charts with his blend of reggae, he's still the boy next door: modest and keen to talk to fans.

The then 17-year-old Tillman Otto - now better known as Gentleman - was first introduced to reggae in 1991 on a trip to Jamaica. He brought the music back with him to his native Germany and was one of the first artists to work with reggae and dancehall in the country.

He's long since felt at home with the different cultures of both Germany and Jamaica. R 'n' B singer and producer Richie Stephens allowed him to use his Kingston studio in the 90s and set to work promoting his music for Jamaican audiences. These days, he's rarely off FM radio there and his popularity was consolidated when he played a gig for 30,000 fans, a rare honor for a European artist.

In spring of 2013, he released his sixth studio album, "New Day Dawn." The date was carefully chosen; it was his 39th birthday. In the meantime, he's bagged several gold and platinum discs and has fans from Tokyo to New York. But he hasn't let success go to his head. He still feels comfortable in his threadbare jeans and T-shirt and always takes time to chat with fans.

Still full of energy as he approaches his 40th birthday, Gentleman shows no signs of slackening the pace.

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