German Pop - Alin Coen Band | German Pop | DW | 27.05.2011
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German Pop

German Pop - Alin Coen Band

The Alin Coen Band makes music that's laid-back with a heavy dose of singer-songwriter introspection. Find out just why they're picking up fans all over the place in this edition of Clip.

Alin Coen was born in Hamburg, the daughter of a German doctor and a Mexican artist. She grew up in a bilingual setting and got to see quite a bit of the world along the way.

The Alin Coen Band

Alin and the guys - the band formed while they were students

But becoming a well-known singer was never her goal. Coen got her start by chance after a friend invited her to sing a few songs at a party and benefit he had put together. Just a few years later, she was touring internationally, appearing on TV and promoting her first album.

The music is introspective with a touch of Joni Mitchell's sound. After their first album release in 2010, the band has been touring heavily again in 2011.

Check them out at the link below in this edition of German Pop.

Author: Matthias Klaus

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