German man among kidnap victims in Yemen | World| Breakings news and perspectives from around the globe | DW | 01.02.2012
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German man among kidnap victims in Yemen

Four foreign aid workers, including one German, have been kidnapped in Yemen along with two local men. The armed kidnappers are demanding the release of prisoners.

Sanaa, the capital of Yemen

The kidnapping took place near the capital, Sanaa

According to Yemen's state news agency, Saba, four humanitarian aid workers from the United Nations were kidnapped in Yemen on Tuesday.

One of the four men is German, while the others were Iraqi, Palestinian and Columbian. Two Yemeni drivers were also kidnapped in the incident.

The armed kidnappers grabbed the six men near the capital, Sanaa, and are demanding the release of prisoners in exchange for their release.

The United Nations has confirmed the incident, and the Foreign Ministry in Berlin said its crisis center and the German embassy in Sanaa are aware of the situation and are gathering more information.

Kidnappings of foreigners are not uncommon in Yemen as a means of gaining concessions from local authorities. Most of the kidnap victims are eventually returned unharmed.

Author: Matt Zuvela (dpa, dapd)
Editor: Martin Kuebler

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