German government agency launches satire news site | Film | DW | 27.06.2018
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German government agency launches satire news site

More conspiracy theories? The parody videos produced by the Federal Agency for Civic Education actually aim to get people to pay closer attention to the media they consume.

The Federal Agency for Civic Education (in German: Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, bpb) is a German government agency tasked with providing unbiased political information. 

The agency known for its publications promoting democracy awareness launched a website called Wahre Welle TV (True Wave TV) on Monday. The site features mock videos designed to encourage consumers of online information to critically question what they see or read online.

Some of the clips presented on the site suggest that the 9/11 attacks were staged by the US government or that aircraft contrails are poisonous.

While those stories reflect widespread conspiracy theories, the newly released videos aim to show how illogical they actually are.

To make clear the videos are not meant to be taken literally, each episode ends with the words "don't believe the crap" and links to additional resources.

eg/sh (AP, dpa)


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