German Cops Raid Homes in Soccer Scandal | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 02.02.2005
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German Cops Raid Homes in Soccer Scandal

A mass police raid on the premises of 19 football match-fixing suspects has uncovered more proof of manipulation, the Berlin public prosecuter's office confirmed on Wednesday.


The shadow of corruption stretches further across German soccer

Around 150 police were sent to raid 32 houses and offices between 6 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. CET on Wednesday following information given by disgraced referee Robert Hoyzer. Hoyzer has already admitted fixing up to four matches for financial gain and other officials, players and outside parties are also involved.

"In total 25 people are suspected of playing a part in rigging soccer matches with players, referees and outside parties involved," read the statement. "Along with Robert Hoyzer and the S. brothers (two unnamed Croatian men arrested in Berlin) referees Jurgen Jansen, Felix Zwayer and Dominik Marks are the accused."

"The people concerned are suspected of manipulating ten matches in the Bundesliga, second division, the regional league and cup in 2004," the statement continued.

Bundesliga ref Jansen under suspicion

Essen official Jansen was due to officiate Werder Bremen's match with Hansa Rostock on Sunday but was removed for his own protection. Jansen is suspected of manipulating two matches with the first fixture between Bayer Leverkusen and FC St Pauli in the 2001/02 campaign. Underdogs St Pauli made it 2-2 in the final minute after Jansen awarded them a curious penalty kick.

"I do not want to accuse anyone but when this scandal started the St Pauli match immediately sprung to mind," explained Klaus Toppmöller, the Leverkusen coach at the time.

Players join the list of suspects

Paderborn captain Thijs Waterink admitted Monday to receiving a €10,000 ($13,000) bonus from an anonymous backer before the SC Paderborn - Hamburg SV cup game in August last year, the match officiated by Hoyzer which precipitated the fall of the house of cards.

Other players are also being investigated. "A total of 14 players from Ahlen, Chemnitz, Energie Cottbus, Dynamo Dresden, Kickers Offenbach and SC Paderborn are also suspects," the prosecuter's office added."Hertha Berlin players are not amongst the suspects."

Hertha trio Nando Rafael, Josip Simunic and Alexander Madlung have formulated a €250,000 legal compensation package against magazine Focus who named them in connection with the match-fixing scandal.

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