Fusilli Pasta with Seafood | Rice and Pasta | DW | 18.05.2006
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Rice and Pasta

Fusilli Pasta with Seafood

Chef Gino Pesce was born on the Italian island of Ponza. The restaurant Acqua Pazza once belonged to his parents. It used to be a simple fish restaurant. Now it's visited by the many celebrities who come to the island.


Ingredients (to serve 4)
250 g fusilli pasta
100 g squid, washed and chopped
80 g of peeled prawns
100 g of clams
4 carrots
1 onions
1 glass of white wine
4 slices of dried tomatoes
salt and pepper
olive oil

Finely dice the carrots and onions and gently fry in olive oil. Add the squid, then the prawns and finally, the clams. Add the wine and briefly bring to the boil. Season to taste.
In the meantime, cook the pasta in lots of water until it is al dente and then mix with the seafood. Add a little water from the pasta if it seems too dry.

Serve the pasta in the centre of the plates and garnish with sun-dried tomatoes.

Hey presto!

Buon appetito

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