Former German ′Islamic State′ fighter gets four years, six months in prison | News | DW | 04.03.2016
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Former German 'Islamic State' fighter gets four years, six months in prison

A court in the western city of Dusseldorf has sentenced Nils D. to four years and six months in jail for being a member of a terrorist group. The 25-year-old had admitted being part of an "Islamic State" unit in Syria.

The court handed down the sentence of four years and six months in jail, citing Nils D.'s membership of terrorist organization "IS".

Nils D., who hails from the western German town of Dinslaken, was a member of the so-called "Lohberger Brigade" in his hometown, which supports "Islamic State" (IS) in Syria.

He was arrested on his return from Syria to Germany last year. He confessed to working for the IS's "secret police," which aims to intimidate the local population and arrest "deserters." His role there involved arresting people and acting as a guard for the group's torture prisons.

After his return he had cooperated with the authorities and provided them with valuable insider knowledge. Before his departure to Syria, the 25-year-old had been a drug addict and delinquent at school, the judge said on Friday.

DW's Manasi Gopalakrishnan was at the Dusseldorf court on Friday.

Nils D. also took part in funding activities for IS in Germany, the court heard.

It was doubtful, however, according to prosecutors and presiding judge Barbara Havliza, whether Nils D. had truly cut ties with IS. Prosecutors had throughout the trial pointed out his callousness and brutality during his time in Syria.

ng/kms (dpa, AFP)

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