Focus on Europe report wins another award | Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People | DW | 08.05.2015
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Focus on Europe

Focus on Europe report wins another award

Da capo for Norman Striegel: After winning in Houston, he received a Silver Award at the World Media Festivals in Hamburg. His report is about human traffickers who regularly sell children to illegal immigrants in Spain.

It was a great gala event with more than 250 representatives from the international media biz. They witnessed a festive award ceremony for the winners and a respectable Silver Trophy for Norman Striegel’s report. His contribution had been nominated in the category “Documentaries: Global Issues” and shines a light on the excesses of Europe's refugee problem. Thousands of African refugees try to enter the continent every year via the Spanish exclave of Melilla and many of them bring children with them in an effort to trigger sympathy if they are stopped. But often those children aren't their own.
Striegel’s report had received a Special Jury Award at the International Houston Film Festival just a few weeks ago.

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