Florina Mendoza from Mexico | strangers | DW | 25.04.2013
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Florina Mendoza from Mexico

“It was a phase in my life in which I felt a bit displaced in my own country and I was looking for an alternative, a way to leave Mexico. Back then, thinking about Germany was like a dream.”

Flor 1

08.05.2013 DW Im Focus Wildfremd Flor 1

Florina comes from a small village in the Mixtec region of southern Mexico. At 14 she had to leave school to earn money for her family by working as a maid. Fed up with the racism directed at indigenous peoples in Mexico, she wanted to leave the country. In 2006, her German teacher arranged for her to work in Germany during the soccer World Cup. Florina was hoping to stay, but she hadn’t applied for a visa early enough …