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Female Entrepreneurship in Africa

October 28, 2022

Female entrepreneurs are making waves across Africa, contributing more to the continent’s GDP than ever before. Some challenges remain – including the gender pay gap.

DW Sendung The 77 Percent
Image: DW

But unleashing their potential could be the key to economic growth and lifting communities out of poverty.


DW Sendung The 77 Percent
Image: DW

Street Debate: African women take on entrepreneurship

Africa's 'housewives' are challenging the long-held view of being homemakers. In sub-Saharan Africa, more women than men choose to become entrepreneurs. Many make life better for their communities. In this week’s Street Debate, Michael Oti talks to young business women about what’s still holding them back.


DW Afrimaxx | Jumoke Dada
Image: DW

Taeillo – Nigeria's home furniture empire

Jumoke Dada is behind the multimillion-dollar furniture manufacturing brand Taeillo. She designs for the average Nigerian using local resources like Ankara and Aso-oke to make unique pieces. And her tastes catching on!


Sendung The 77 Percent | Edleen Elba
Image: DW

Homecoming: Kickstarting careers in Sierra Leone

After seven years in the UK, Edleen Elba chose to move back home to Freetown, Sierra Leone. She now uses her newfound skills in recruitment and management to help young people pursue their dream careers, while strengthening her own connection to the continent.


Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba
Image: Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba

Portrait: Nozi does not hold back!

Nozibele Qamngana Mayaba – AKA Nozi – is a household name in South Africa. From the Eastern Cape she always dreamed of rising above her impoverished background. Today she hosts DW’s Don’t Hold Back Podcast and is a powerful voice in HIV/AIDS activism.



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