Federal police heads to roll in Germany | News | DW | 28.07.2012
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Federal police heads to roll in Germany

The leadership of Germany's Federal Police is to be replaced, according to various media reports quoting sources close to the government.

Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich is said to have got rid of three top-level officials in Germany's federal police force, including leader Matthias Seeger, according to several media reports.

The magazine Focus as well as the news agency DPA reported that Friedrich would announce the changes on Wednesday. Seeger's deputies, Wolfgang Lohmann and Michael Frehse, are also said to get the sack.

Federal Polce head Matthias Seeger

Seeger (left) is opposed to reforms

Some reports say Dieter Roman, who is currently in Friedrich's ministry as a terrorism expert, is to be the new head of the Federal Police.

Focus reported that Friedrich decided to let the three officials go because of their alleged resistance to reforms; in particular, they opposed the merger of the Federal Criminal Police Agency with the Federal Police, according to the report.

The Federal Police is responsible for border protection as well as airport and railway security.

ng/mkg (dpa, dapd)