Europe Gears Up to Showcase Top Artists in 2008 | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 28.12.2007
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Europe Gears Up to Showcase Top Artists in 2008

Cities across Europe are to host a range of exceptional exhibitions in the new year. Artists will include Man Ray, Gerhard Richter, Alberto Giacometti and Paul Cezanne, among many others.

White and Black on Wine, a 1958 oil on canvas painting by expressionist artist Mark Rothko

Max Rothko's medidative abstractions will be on display in Hamburg

In an exhibition entitled "Genau und Anders" (Exact and Different) beginning Feb. 29, Vienna's Museum for Modern Art will focus on numbers and geometry in art by showing works by German painter and mathematician Albrecht Dürer and American photographer and painter Man Ray, among others.

Man Ray in his studio in 1950

Man Ray was not just a photographer, but also a painter

Also in Vienna, in the Austrian Gallery located in Belvedere Palace, a retrospective will be dedicated to expressionist Oskar Kokoschka from January to May.

As of May, the Kunsthalle in Rostock, Germany will be showing 600 works by artists from German expressionist sculptor Ernst Barlach to German-American caricaturist and painter Lyonel Feininger. The works were stolen by the Nazis from their owners, with some of them remaining unclaimed to this day. The city of Rostock said it would "openly" work with any potential heirs who contacted the museum.

Those who thought the Frenchman Victor Hugo was merely a writer will have to think again. Hugo enthusiasts will be able to view 80 of the graphic artist's works on paper beginning in mid-May in Weimar.

The Louisiana Museum near Copenhagen, Denmark will explore a visual dialogue between the Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti and French post-impressionist painter Paul Cezanne in February.

Surrealism's legacy

"Surrealism and the Object" is the topic of an exhibition in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain starting in March. The show will look at the effect surrealism has had on design, fashion, film and architecture.

Picasso's 1922 painting Women Running on the Beach, with a bright blue background

Some 400 Picasso works will be on show at the Queen Sofia Museum in Madrid

Madrid's Queen Sofia Museum will pay tribute to the great Spanish master Pablo Picasso. Around 400 works by the painter will be on display -- on loan from the Picasso Museum in Paris, which is undergoing construction.

Back in Germany, a retrospective of German impressionist Max Liebermann will take place at the Galerie Neuer Meister in Dresden in April. Berlin's New National Gallery will host works by Paul Klee at the end of October. Mark Rothko's meditative color worlds will be on display as of mid-May in Hamburg's Kunsthalle. Wassily Kandinsky's artworks will travel to Paris and New York, but will first be shown at Lenbachhaus in Munich in October.

Cologne's Museum Ludwig will also present abstract works by Gerhard Richter in October, while Bonn's Kunstmuseum will showcase pieces by twin shooting-star artists Gert and Uwe Tobias.

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