euromaxx highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 20.03.2011
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euromaxx highlights

euromaxx highlights


09.20007 DW-TV euromaxx highlights

In this highlights edition: The Black Trail electric bike, the customization trend, jewelry designer Victoire de Castellane, recorder player Dorothee Oberlinger and Dutch shoemakers Van Bommel.

The Black Trail Electric Bike
The BlackTrail built by a German company has been billed as the world's costliest electric bicycle with a price tag of just under 60,000 euros. Thanks to its design and lightweight frame it can reach a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour and go 20 kilometers on a full charge.

Mass Customization - Individual Design for the Masses
Whether shoes, chocolate or perfume - more and more companies are offering their customers the option of customized products. Customers are able to enter their own specific wishes online and then receive their unique product by post. We visit the Berlin-based customized chocolate service Chocri.

Jewelry designer Victoire de Castellane
Victoire de Castellane is a member of the French aristocracy and Dior’s top jewelry designer. She is often credited with revolutionizing what can be a rather old-fashioned industry. She is currently showing jewelry creations under her own name in an exhibition at the Galerie Gagosian in Paris. The exhibition runs until 22 March 2011.

Recorder Player Dorothee Oberlinger
Dorothee Oberlinger has become an international classical music star with an instrument usually snubbed as a starting tool for children -- the recorder. Oberlinger shows us just how diverse the instrument is playing classical compositions from the 17th and 18th centuries as well as contemporary music.

Dutch Shoemakers Van Bommel
The Van Bommel family of the Netherlands have been making shoes since 1734 and is now branching out from classic hand-made leather footwear to trendier designs for younger, fashion-conscious buyers. One of the brothers currently running the family business, Floris Van Bommel, has launched his own line of sporty shoes with playful details.
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