euromaxx highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 16.01.2011
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euromaxx highlights

euromaxx highlights


In this highlights edition: Italian fashion house Trussardi, glow-in-the-dark mini-golf, faux marble, German chef Sebastian Zier and street art you can wear.

Fashion Centenary - 100 Years of Trussardi
The Italian fashion house Trussardi is celebrating its centenary. The festivities include a special jubilee show in Florence and a gala banquet.

Miniature Golf with a Difference
An indoor miniature golf course in Hamburg offers a unique glow-in–the-dark golfing experience. It all begins with a trip in a submarine simulator with the course bathed in black or ultra violet light so that everything lights up in the dark.

Faux Marble
Buckingham Palace and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London are just two famous buildings that feature Scagliola, a marble imitation that was first developed in the Baroque era. Today it can be more expensive than real marble because it is so complicated to make.

German Chef Sebastian Zier
Sebastian Zier has received awards from the top gourmet guides, including Guide Michelin and Gault Millau. He took over as head chef at the La Mer restaurant on the island of Sylt in May 2010.

Wearable Street Art
More and more street artists are putting their creations on T-Shirts. It’s seen as a way of preserving art which is traditionally very temporary in nature, and it also helps the artists earn a living.

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