euromaxx highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 26.12.2010
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euromaxx highlights

euromaxx highlights

Lifestyle Europe


In this highlights edition:

innovative cocktails from Berlin, British lifestyle magazine i-D, unusual jewellery from the British capital, a website that enables tourists to dine out in local residents’ homes and a successful animated film studio.

Innovative Cocktails

Berlin barkeeper Arnd Heissen has developed production methods which enable him to make cocktails from fruit, herb and spice aromas that taste just like the scent of the perfumes of the same name.

Unusual Jewellery from Berlin

We find out which materials you can use to make jewellery besides the traditional gold, silver and precious stones. Some designers are using unusual things like old bicycle chains to create modern jewellery.

British Lifestyle Magazine i-D

The magazine was founded by Terry Jones, a British designer in 1980. It soon became hugely successful. We take a look back at thirty years of i-D magazine.

Dining with the Locals -

euromaxx reporter Hendrik Welling takes a look at an Internet social network that enables tourists to meet local people in intimate surroundings. The idea behind the project is for visitors to book a meal in someone’s home online and sample their cooking skills and hospitality.

The German Animated Film Studio Soi and Gruffalo

Soi is situated in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart. It was founded by seven film students. The company's animated film version of the children's book Gruffalo was screened on TV in Britain in 2009 and has since been showered with prizes.

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