euromaxx highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 19.12.2010
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euromaxx highlights

euromaxx highlights

in this highlights edition:

A Dutch blogger testing a different hotel every night for a year, designer furniture for kids, an animated lego video from Sweden, Cuvee juices that taste like wine and the wonderful world of product designer Peter Schmidt.

Designer Furniture for Kids
The typical kiddie room as we know it is passé, especially in urban France. Here, many a maman et papa believe their offspring should develop their designer tastebuds as early as possible. Furniture stores and boutiques have picked up on this and offer designer furniture for the young.

Hotel Blogger Vincent van Dijk
PR professional Vincent van Dijk has found a unique solution to the tough problem of finding an apartment in Amsterdam. After noticing that the city has 369 hotels, he made it his mission to stay in a different one every night for a year. The hotels provide the rooms for free and he writes about his experiences in a daily blog.

Lego Animation Music Videos
The worldwide web has no shortage of animated Lego clips but few have attracted as many clicks as the video for 8-bit Trip, a track by Swedish band Ninja Moped. Daniel Larsson and Tomas Redigh’s stop-motion animation video pays tribute to vintage nintendo video games and involved 1500 hours of work.

Gourmet Juices That Taste Like Wine
More and more restaurants offer non-alcoholic juices that are specifically created to match different dishes on the menu. The beverages made from various fruits juices also attempt to emulate the taste of wine.

Product Designer Peter Schmidt
German designer Peter Schmidt isn’t a household name, but logos, perfume flacons and bottles that he has created are familiar to millions of consumers. His style has been described as minimalist, and he’s drawn inspiration from Japanese and southeast Asian cultures. A new coffee table book by publisher Rolf Heyne celebrates Schmidt’s work.

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