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euromaxx highlights

June 1, 2009

On this edition:

Sven Paustian
A new show at the Max Slevogt Gallery near Mannheim features portraits of writers captured by Sven Paustian. Paustian studied at the famous Folkwang Academy in Essen.

Beatles Museum
A new museum focussing on the famous band has just opened in the city of Hamburg.

Daniela Jasper
German mountain climber Daniela Jasper plans to tackle seven of the world’s fourteen 8000 metre peaks. Now 38, Daniela Jasper has been climbing since she was 16 and has climbed more Alpine peaks than any other woman.

EXPO Pavillion
We get a sneak preview of the German EXPO pavillion for the 2010 exhibition in Shanghai.

Kartell Design
The company that brought bright colors into fifties homes is 60. Over the years the design imperium founded by Giulio Castelli has employed the services of Philippe Starck, Ron Arad Richard Sapper.

Garden Festival
The Garden Festival in Chaumont-sur-Loire is an experimental laboratory for gardeners and landscapers from all over the world. This year's theme is Gardens of Colour.