Euromaxx Highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 26.04.2015
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euromaxx highlights

Euromaxx Highlights

In this edition: a cave replica in France, a bird flight simulator, a luxury exhibition in London, retro games and the 2015 Federal Horticultural Show

First Visitors inside the Chauvet Cave Replica

A replica of the Chauvet Cave in the Ardèche region of southern France opens to the public on April 25. The real cave, a UNESCO world heritage site, was discovered in 1994 and contains wall paintings over 20,000 years old. This replica was built using computer models and 6000 digital photos, taking around 30 months to complete at a staggering cost of 55 million euros.

Chauvet Cave, France, Replica, UNESCO

Bird Flight Simulator is Put to the Test

Man's dream of flying like a bird is finally a reality. Well, virtual reality. Swiss scientists have developed a unique, highly sophisticated simulator, which promises to replicate that soaring sensation. But is it the real deal? We send our reporter to try it for himself.

Bird Flight Simulator, Switzerland, Birdly Bird

Longing for Luxury

What does Luxury mean to you? Yachts, caviar and diamonds? Relaxation, organic food and a good pampering at the spa? London's Victoria and Albert Museum has a new exhibition entitled "What is Luxury?" and Euromaxx heads there to seek answers to this intriguing question.

Luxury, London, Victoria and Albert Museum


Retro Games Make a Comeback

Retro games have become increasingly popular in recent years. To find out more about the new craze, Euromaxx meets two games developers who left their steady jobs to launch a start-up specialising in the old classics.

video games, retro trend, Berlin Gamesweek, Pong, Gameboy

The 2015 Federal Horticultural Show

The show is taking over an entire region of Germany for the first time ever, covering rivers, fields and historic city centers. The landscape of Havelland, which lies to the west of Berlin, will be adorned with over 50 stunning gardens and flower displays. Euromaxx joined the garden show in its opening weekend.

Federal Horticultural Show, Brandenburg, Havelland, BUGA

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