Euromaxx Highlights | Euromaxx - Lifestyle in Europe | DW | 01.02.2014
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Euromaxx Highlights

Euromaxx Highlights 01.02.2014 edition

In this edition: A designer makes trendy eyewear out of vinyl in Budapest, the Turkish designers of Autoban, animal photographer Tim Flach, the revival of the traditional barber shop for bearded men, and it’s party time at the annual Hahnenkamm races in Kitzbühel, Austria.

Partying at the Hahnenkamm Races in Kitzbühel

The annual Hahnenkamm races in Kitzbühel, Austria, are among the highlights of the skiing season in Europe, drawing not just athletes but celebrities too. With around 90,000 visitors descending on the resort on the weekend to party, the competition to host the event’s best après ski event was just as stiff as it was on the slopes.

Beards and Barbers

With the increasing interest for beards, old school barbers are in demand again. Vintage-style stylists are springing up in Munich, Hamburg and Berlin, offering the well-groomed gentleman a range of services from haircut and straight razor shave to beard grooming.

Animal Photographer Tim Flach

The animal inside humans, the human inside animals, and the many layers in between: This complex relationship is what award winning photographer Tim Flach of Britain attempts to explore and capture through his camera lens. His latest book Evolution is a collection of his very artistic photography, retracing the animal kingdom from aquatic creatures to the great apes.

10 Years of Autoban

Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Caglar founded their design label Autoban ten years ago and have scooped a range of awards. Their unique style and approach blends the traditional with the contemporary, and they cite Bauhaus as a major influence. We meet up with them in their headquarters in Istanbul to find out more.

Specs Appeal in Budapest

Zack Tipton turns old vinyl records into spectacles - and hipsters love them. The Hungarian designer founded his company "Tipton Eyeworks" in 2004 and his "Vinylize" collection combines high fashion with environmentally-aware 'upcycling’.

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