Euromaxx Highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 24.08.2013
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euromaxx highlights

Euromaxx Highlights

In this edition: Turkish artist Hasan Kale, the return of gin, computer games designers, a Swiss take on wrestling and dinners in white.

01.2012 DW Euromaxx Highlights

01.2012 DW Euromaxx Highlights

Computer Games Designers
In computer games women are usually sexy fighting machines or helpless damsels in distress. But now a Berlin-based software developer hopes to change that. As one of the few women in the business, Cornelia Geppert aims to create games to please everyone.

Swiss Wrestling
Schwingen is a popular sporting activity in Switzerland. Each summer tens of thousands of people flock to see this unusual kind of wrestling at special contests. The winners are treated like royalty.

Turkish Artist Hasan Kale
Hasan Kale paints panorama images on tiny objects the size of a water melon seed. His favorite motifs are scenes of Istanbul.

Diner en Blanc
A huge picnic in the northern German city of Hamburg was attended by several thousand people all dressed in white. The idea dates back to the first diner en blanc which was held in Paris.

The Return of Gin
Gin has become very popular again in Britain. Just about every week another new type of gin goes on the market there. That's in large part thanks to the work of many small distilleries that make just a few thousand bottles a year.