euromaxx highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 19.01.2013
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euromaxx highlights

euromaxx highlights

Lifestyle Europe

In this edition: German musher Silvia Furtwängler at the Alpine dog-sled race la Grande Odyssee, the style scene at Berlin Fashion Week, out and about in the French city of Marseille, a German designer who creates fabrics from wood, and the creative works of British hand photographer Ray Massey.

It's a Dog's World

We accompany German musher Silvia Furtwängler and her team of dogs on la Grande Odyssée, one of the world's most spectacular dog-sled races. It covers more than 900 kilometers in twelve days. Every January, dog-sled teams from across Europe gather at the foot of Mont Blanc in the French Alps.

Fashion Central Berlin
At Berlin Fashion Week we take stock of the city's emerging status as a European capital of fashion. In competition with the heavyweights Paris, Milan and London, Berlin continues to cement its reputation as the home of creative, off-beat talent.

Mediterranean Gateway
As a 2013 European Capital of Culture, Marseille has been spruced up, making the most of its Rivera location. Marseille is a cultural melting pot - about a quarter of its population is of North African origin -- and it boasts some of France's finest restaurants. And the rugged beauty of the Provencal countryside beckons just outside the city limits.

Series: Wood Works
Design that's anything but wooden: German designer Elisa Strozyk can make solid wood look light, airy and alive. She combines different materials and wafer-thin bits of wood to make flexible material. With it she creates table cloths, carpets and even lamps. Her special works in wood have won several international awards.

Hand Photographer Ray Massey
The British photographer specializes in hand modeling for which he has become world renowned. We see how he does it with the aid of his colleague, Annie Ralli.