Euromaxx highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 24.12.2012
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euromaxx highlights

Euromaxx highlights

Lifestyle Europe

01.2012 DW Euromaxx Highlights

01.2012 DW Euromaxx Highlights

In this edition: classy DIY furniture, feather sculptures, photographer Irene Kung, digital art and the city of Vienna

DIY Designer Furniture

We find out how to create do-it-yourself furniture that look like it came from a top design house.

Feather Sculptures

Kate MccGwire uses feathers to create her sculptures. We meet her in London and see some of her works.

Photographer Irene Kung

The Swiss photographer who lives in Milan turns daytime shots into night photographs which create haunting effects.

Vienna– Best City

According to a ranking on top locations, the Austrian capital Vienna is the world’s best city to choose as your home.

Digital Art

Daniel Lieske is one of Germany's most popular graphic artists. About one point six million people have read his comic, The Wormworld Saga, since it went online at Christmas in 2010.

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