euromaxx highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 04.08.2012
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euromaxx highlights

euromaxx highlights

Lifestyle Europe

In this edition:

The World in London
We report on an exhibition featuring photographs of 204 people, each of them from a country present at the 2012 Summer Olympics. These people all have one thing in common - they all live in London. In fact, the photos were taken by 204 different photographers.

Costa Brava
Spain’s Costa Brava region is home to one of the country’s most popular tourist resorts, Lloret de Mar. The region was initially popular with people who escaped from city life in Barcelona, but in the 60's sun seekers from further afield also discovered the area.

Wooden Sunglasses
We report on the Kerbholz Company. Based in Cologne it makes wooden sunglasses and markets them online and via shops throughout Germany.

Boxing for Managers
White collar boxing is a new trend in a number of German cities. The idea is to teach managers not be to put off by defeats, but instead to stay on their feet and continue.

Fashion for Home – Online Furniture
We report on a successful online furniture store. It was founded in 2009 and features exciting new items of furniture by young designers. The company is based in Berlin.

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