EU Appoints New US Ambassador | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 09.09.2004
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EU Appoints New US Ambassador

Former Irish Prime Minister John Bruton will be charged with raising the EU's profile in the United States.

The European Commission has appointed former Irish Prime Minister John Bruton to be the next head of its delegation in the United States. He will assume his responsibilities as soon as his diplomatic accreditation is approved by the US authorities. Bruton will lead one of the EU's largest embassies, with a total staff of 80 people, representing the bloc in all major policy areas including trade, economic and political relations. Brussels said Bruton's appointment "reflects the joint wish of the commission and the member states to raise the profile of the European Union in the United States." He played a leading role in the convention that drew up Europe's Constitutional Treaty and is expected to be approved by EU foreign ministers when they meet next week. (

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