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Empathy and the Brain - What Makes us Feel for Others?

July 14, 2023

Empathy doesn’t just help those in need, it helps us too. But where does empathy originate? And do psychopaths experience empathy differently.

Digital AI Ego
Image: Alexander Limbach/Zoonar/picture alliance

One researcher is studying what happens in the brain when we empathize, and discovered that we can shut empathy off.


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Projekt Zukunft l Liebe
Image: DW

Just ask! What is love?

Love originates in the brain, just like other emotions do. It sometimes makes our hormones go crazy and we sometimes can feel like we're on a roller coaster ride. But what exactly is going on inside us when we’re in love?




Projekt Zukunft l Rosenduft
Image: SWR

Learning better with rose fragrance

People who surround themselves with fragrances while learning and sleeping store learned information better, like vocabulary for example. A research team at Freiburg University Hospital is investigating why.




Projekt Zukunft l Gelähmt
Image: AP

Making paraplegics walk again

Paralysis happens when people suffer severe injury to their spinal chord. Communication between the spinal chord and the brain is interrupted. A Swiss research team has developed a way for the patient’s brain to reconnect to severed nerves.





Projekt Zukunft l Parkinson
Image: ZDF

Stopping Parkinson’s tremors with remote controlled implants

Electrical implants in the brain reduce Parkinson’s sufferers' symptoms, like tremors and stiffness. A new brain pacemaker has been developed, which can be controlled by the doctor remotely. The first studies are very promising.




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