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Elmas Topcu, sitting next to a bookcase full of books
Image: Elmas Topcu/DW

Elmas Topcu

Editor and reporter with a focus on Turkey, German-Turkish relations and political and religious groups linked to Turkey.

Erdogan, AKP, SETA, DITIB, Gray Wolves, PKK, freedom of the press, censorship... Elmas Topcu explains Turkey-related stories to a global audience.

Will there only be halal celebrations in Turkey in the future? Why and how do refugees from Turkey come to Germany? Which parties do voters of Turkish and Kurdish origin support in German elections? Are German Turks afraid of the AfD? And how high is inflation in Turkey really?

Elmas Topcu has been reporting on these and many topics for years, explaining Turkey to the world. At the same time, she brings German and European stories to an audience within Turkey. 

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