Eintracht Frankfurt | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 30.12.2010
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Eintracht Frankfurt

Eintracht Frankfurt finished tenth last year, and are now hoping to break their mediocre mold.

Halil Altintop

Frankfurt have nothing to lose

Eintracht Frankfurt is a good illustration of particular German footballing phenomenon: the bigger cities aren't necessarily those with the richest or most successful clubs. In the past 15 years, Frankfurt have never finished higher than ninth and have been relegated twice. In Michael Skibbe, a former German national team assistant coach, they have an ambitious coach. But club management is unwilling to go into debt to improve the squad and thus have trouble attracting top-level talent.

Fun fact: One of the team's unofficial nicknames is "the moody diva."

Author: Jefferson Chase
Editor: Matt Hermann