″We will get throught this″ : Egypt′s Bedouins fight for their future | World | Breaking news and perspectives from around the globe | DW | 28.07.2021

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"We will get throught this" : Egypt's Bedouins fight for their future

Bedouins in Egpyt have managed to keep their culture and traditions alive for centuries, and they are convinced they will continue to do so, despite current challenges like Covid 19, climate change and lack of tourists.

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"We've survived the Romans, Brits and French - we will get through this, too." It hasn't rained in some areas between the Red sea and the river Nile for years. Now, the Coronavirus has slowed down tourism there almost to a standstill. Bedouins living between the Red Sea and the river Nile in the interior of the country are suffering from the continuing crisis just as much as the rest of the tourism sector. But they’re convinced they’ll manage to attract more tourists for hiking and cultural tours.

Report: Björn Blaschke