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Ecstasy truckload found in Netherlands

February 10, 2017

A truckload of ingredients for making a billion Ecstasy pills has been found by Dutch police. They say the lorry was found in a southern Zeeland province village, across the border from Belgium's port city of Antwerp.

Niederlande Flughafen Schiphol Amsterdam Polizei
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/M. van Bergen

Dutch police said the truck and trailer unit with its suspicious cargo was found in Rilland, between Antwerp and Rotherdam, two European ports targeted by narcotics traffickers.

The haul included 100 canisters of hydrogen, 15 tons of caustic soda and 3,000 liters of other chemicals.

On their own, the chemicals were worth several hundred thousand euros, police said.

The Dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf" said residents had drawn police attention to the vehicle that had been standing for days on a public parking area.

ipj/gsw (dpa, Reuters)

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