DW’s political talk show Conflict Zone welcomes new host | Press Releases | DW | 19.02.2020
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Press Releases

DW’s political talk show Conflict Zone welcomes new host

Sarah Kelly, anchor-at-large at Deutsche Welle, has joined Conflict Zone as host. Conflict Zone is DW’s top political interview program.

"I am excited to be the new host of Conflict Zone and to join the team. In these turbulent times, when alliances are shifting, and truth is under fire, it's essential that we try to uncover what's really going on by pressing the key players face-to-face. Conflict Zone's unique format provides the opportunity to go directly to the centers of power for hard-hitting interviews which challenge the status quo," says Kelly.

In her new role at DW, she will conduct in-depth interviews with world leaders, going beyond the usual soundbite culture. Kelly will be joining renowned host Tim Sebastian who has been hosting the talk show since September 2015. In addition to hosting Conflict Zone, she will continue to contribute to programs across Deutsche Welle, including anchoring breaking news coverage and the flagship broadcast, DW News, where she serves as anchor-at-large.

DW Director of Programming Gerda Meuer announced the expanded role: "Sarah Kelly is an experienced top journalist who has helped shape the DW program for many years through professionalism and an outstanding craft. I am delighted that she is now strengthening our successful talk show Conflict Zone."

Sarah Kelly has been a lead anchor at DW since 2010, adding depth and context to a range of international developments including the war in Syria, the migration crisis, Brexit, the US and German elections and the bailout of Greece. She also regularly hosts high-level panels at global summits, including the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, the G20 and the UN Climate Change Summit. She began her career at Bloomberg Television in New York.

Watch Conflict Zone every Wednesday on DW at 19.30 UTC. Episodes are also available on-demand on the Conflict Zone website.